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Energy Retrofitting


"Green Fitting" is a concept we have developed at Crowley Builders Inc to upgrade older homes. Energy efficiency should be a number one priority for all home owners. 

Through our Green Fitting program, we analyze your home and make recommendations to make it more energy efficient. We look at all aspects of your home including lighting systems, appliances, windows, and mechanical systems. 

The most important analysis is to determine where your home may be leaking energy and where the existing insulation might be failing.



At Crowley Builders Inc. We try to guide people toward choosing the most energy efficient and beneficial home insulation. We do not, and never will recommend the widely used Fiberglass Insulation. Not only is it inviting tiny glass fibers to leak into where you eat, breathe and live; but Fiberglass Insulation lacks in full potential R-Rating, has air exchange and leak issues, as well as moisture and mold problems in which alternative insulations do not. 

The common denominator among varieties of insulation is the R-Value. Which is the measurement of thermal resistance and measures the ability of heat to transfer from one side of an object to another. Looking at a solid wood member, 1 inch holds an R-value of 1. In comparison, Fiberglass insulation has an R-value of 3.14. While Polystyrene Insulation holds a much more accurate R-value of 4 per square inch. 


Most home owners have no idea what lies within the walls of their home. In fact, most older homes have either failing, outdated or poorly installed insulation that is hidden to the human eye. 

This picture was taken during construction on a room addition while finding that more than 50 percent of this home owners insulation was missing. 


By removing the old, outdated insulation we can then insert the right insulation for your home. This home was retrofitted using polystyrene insulating foam. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is a closed-cell insulation that is manufactured by "expanding" a polystyrene polymer; the appearance is typically a white foam plastic insulation material. 



While Green Fitting your home, Crowley Builders Inc. uses many different techniques to tighten up and close any unwanted cool or thermal bridging.

Most common areas of improvement may include:

Faulty weatherstripping. 

Uninsulated openings around plumbing and vents. 

Air gaps around windows and doors. 

Gaps around Flues and Chimneys 

Cracks in walls and or drywall

Electrical outlets 

Switch plates


Attic Hatches




Opening up this attic perfectly shows the mess that Fiberglass insulation can leave behind. A typical family spends about a third of their annual heating and cooling budget on air that leaks out or into the house through unintended gaps and cracks.

Attics usually are a source for some of the largest energy leaks. Many vents and recessed lights open up into the attic, a direct route for heated or cooled air to escape. Through our "Green Fitting" program we find these cracks, gaps, and unwanted air leaks, and terminate any thermal or cold bridging.