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Design/Build Services

Our most successful projects are with our clients who work with us early in the process and use our design/build services. 

The design/build approach has become the preferred approach to design and construction of building projects, as it controls the cost of the budget as a whole and cuts many months out of the design to construction process.

It is common for a client to seek an architect or designer, have their plans drawn and find two or three builders to price out their project. More times than not, they then discover that the project is over designed and is well beyond their targeted budget. 

We believe that you should choose your builder first. We can assist you with every aspect of the building process—from purchasing the right piece of property, to finding you a match with the architect or designer that best fits you and your visions, pre-budgeting and the final construction of your project. We can also help control your building costs throughout the design process . The end result is an expedient and enjoyable process, that is pleasurable and successful for both you and our company. 


Turnkey Construction Services

If you already have a set of building plans that have been engineered and are “building department ready”, we can provide you with a detailed bid for the construction of your project. 

Our turnkey services will take you from an analysis of your building budget, through completion of a beautifully built home.

Through the years, we have developed a cohesive team of suppliers, subcontractors and employees who work together under our “team concept”. Our team concept orchestrates your project to insure a project that maintains a tight schedule, stays on budget and covers the smallest of details.


Owner/ Builder Services

For our clients who want to be more involved in their building project, whether it’s for budgetary reasons or they simply like to be involved in all aspects of their building project, we provide what we call a “shell build”.

In a shell build, we take your project through the site work (or demolition with a remodel or addition), build the finished shell complete with exterior finishes and subcontractor rough-ins, that is then ready for rough frame and mechanical inspections. You finish the home and take it from installation of sheetrock through the finishing of the home. We can provide you with supervision services should you require additional assistance.

We have found this to be the best and most cost effective approach both for a client that is budget conscious and for a client who wants to be hands on. Using our subcontractors will save you 35% over finding independent subcontractors on your own, and will allow you to benefit from our knowledge in orchestrating the project. With Crowley Builders managing the finished shell with all of the rough-in installations, the completion of your building project will be easy for you to finish.